B and L Lee Inc. Consulting Services

B and L Lee Inc, is committed to provide consultation and training opportunities to community care facilities specializing in the care of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide direct care staff, supervisors, administrators and facility management the tools to enhance the delivery of services to each individual. This includes, trainings, on site consultation, development of program designs, and a lot more!

Our mission statement is, “Building a bright future through education.” Community care facilities are required to maintain standards set forth by state and federal laws, agency regulations, and other requirements established through contractual obligations. Our role is to enhance knowledge within these scopes of standards and create an environment where we can assist participants in acquiring knowledge in these areas.

We provide consultants with vast arrays of experiences within the fields of developmental services. Each of our consultants is committed in assuring that the services we provide to our clients will prove to be beneficial to their organization and the people they serve.

Services Provides:

Part A and Part B ARF or RCFE licensing applications/program designs: each application or program design will be unique to each potential service provider. We take pride in assuring our customers are fully involved in this process and are educated in the necessary documentation requirements. This service will provide technical support while assuring that each provider’s ideology and values are incorporated throughout the completed licensing packets or program designs.

Training (Click Here for Calendar):

Below are training classes offered by B and L Lee, Inc. Training classes will be available as scheduled or can be prearranged with customers wishing special accommodations. Additional classes will also be available in the future.

  •      Client Protection
  •      Active Treatment
  •      Basic Nursing Care
  •      Developing Training Objectives
  •      Documentation Training
  •      Cultural Diversity
  •      Community Participation
  •      Supporting Choices
  •      Self Advocacy
  •      Licensing regulations
On site Consultation

Our consultants are also available to conduct on site reviews for ARF, RCFE and ICF DDN/DDH facilities. The services will include the following: review of facility systems, client care, quality assurance review, pre licensing mock surveys, client focus reviews, and other services requested.

This service will provide recommendations and findings based on an “outsider’s point of view” approach. This approach will often assist service providers to identify areas of needs that may have been unnoticed. Through our experience, each service provider is committed to providing the best services possible, however, it is necessary to have an evaluation from a different perspective.

Value of our service

B and L Lee, Inc, and our consultants are committed to our customers. We believe that our role is vital to assure that our customers receive the best services possible regarding all the products we offer. We form partnerships with our customers in order to develop a long lasting relationship. Hence, we provide services tailored to each customer’s needs. These standards are applied to all of our customers whether they are individuals, partnerships or large corporations. We treat each customer as valued partners of our organization.

B and L Lee Consulting Services
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